A Guitar theory workbook series, Just The Facts teaches through interactive worksheets and lessons for all age groups and skill levels!

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Just The Facts for Strings – Complete Music Theory Workbooks Series – 15 Books

All Just The Facts for String music theory workbooks are based on discovery and spiral learning theories. These student-friendly books are perfect for private lessons, beginning orchestra students, or the adult student wanting to understand the theory behind the notes.

Just The Facts for Strings – GUITAR BOOK 2

This book follows Book 1 for all ages. New material includes Italian terms, Note & Rest values (eighths & up), Major scale pattern, Key signatures for C, G & D Major, Drawing intervals of 2nd through 5th, Note value rule (2 of a kind & 3 of a kind), Naturals & Arpeggios. Ear-training and analysis questions in every lesson.

Just The Facts for Strings – GUITAR BOOK 1 – 1st Year Students – Ages 8+

This book follows Primer for the young students or it can be an entry level book for ages 8 & up. Material includes Facts from Primer, plus intervals of 2nds.

Just The Facts for Strings – GUITAR PRIMER – 1st Year Students – Ages 5-8

Beginning guitar music theory book for young students. Large staffs for small hands, fun alphabet activities, & introduction to naming open string notes on the Treble staff: E, A, D, G, B & E. Note values quarter through whole, time signatures, bar lines and writing counts.