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Just The Facts II – LEVEL 6

Minor/diminished/augmented intervals, Augmented triads, Minor scale degree names, Deceptive cadence, Double sharp/flat, 3/8 & 3/2 time signatures, Triad qualities in Major scale, Roman numerals in chord progressions, Time line with composers.

Just The Facts II – LEVEL 8

Higher level thinking skills continue to grow as students relate new information to knowledge already acquired. New facts (diminished 7th chord, Major circle of keys, & sonata-allegro form) appear frequently throughout.

Just The Facts II – LEVEL 9

Duplets, Dances of the Baroque suite, Secondary dominants, Major/minor/half-diminished 7th chords, and the Impressionistic period are a few of the new concepts introduced in this level. All books exactly follow the keyboard syllabus of the CM curriculum.

Just The Facts II – Complete Music Theory Books Piano Series – 13 Books

Just the Facts II complete music theory books collection feature all 13 in the set, and is a unique piano theory worksheets series, useful as preparation for Certificate of Meritâ„¢ & most state exams.