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Just The Facts II – LEVEL 8

Higher level thinking skills continue to grow as students relate new information to knowledge already acquired. New facts (diminished 7th chord, Major circle of keys, & sonata-allegro form) appear frequently throughout.

Just The Facts II – LEVEL 9

Duplets, Dances of the Baroque suite, Secondary dominants, Major/minor/half-diminished 7th chords, and the Impressionistic period are a few of the new concepts introduced in this level. All books exactly follow the keyboard syllabus of the CM curriculum.

Just The Facts – Complete Music Theory Piano Series – 13 Books

Just The Facts is a unique, student-friendly music theory piano workbook series, useful as preparation for the Texas State theory test. These music theory piano worksheets are designed to maximize learning and fun which we feel is the best way to learn!

Just The Facts II – Complete Music Theory Books Piano Series – 13 Books

Just the Facts II complete music theory books collection feature all 13 in the set, and is a unique piano theory worksheets series, useful as preparation for Certificate of Meritâ„¢ & most state exams.