Just The Facts II – BEGINNER B – 1st Year Students – Ages 6-7


Beginning piano theory book for ages 6-7 that includes Note & Rest values (quarters & up), Staff keynotes, Note direction, 4/4 time signature, Steps & skips, Drawing stems & bar lines.

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Beginning piano theory book for students age 6-7 that includes:

  • Note & Rest values (quarters & up)
  • Staff keynotes
  • Note direction
  • 4/4 time signature
  • Steps & skips
  • Drawing stems & bar lines

Just the Facts II is a unique piano theory worksheets series, useful as preparation for Certificate of Merit™ & most state exams.

  • Based on Discovery and Spiral Learning Theories.
  • Every lesson has ear training, sight reading, analysis activities, and a musical game.
  • Fundamental concepts are sequentially introduced to prepare students to think theoretically.
  • Each lesson always contains multiple opportunities to review concepts in new applications.
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Below are some of the worksheet pages taken from various workbooks to give you an idea of the type of lessons you can expect!