Just The Facts – BOOK 9 – All Ages


This piano theory workbook is full of worksheets that include Parallel Major/minor keys, 4-part harmony (SATB), Authentic & Half cadences, Minor – diminished – augmented intervals, Chromatic scale, Whole tone scale, Augmented triads, Common & leading tones in cadences, Figured bass, Parallel keys, Melodic & harmonic intervals.

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This piano theory workbook is full of worksheets that expands on previous books to include:

  • Parallel Major/minor keys
  • 4-part harmony (SATB)
  • Authentic & Half cadences
  • Minor – diminished – augmented intervals
  • Chromatic scale
  • Whole tone scale
  • Augmented triads
  • Common & leading tones in cadences
  • Figured bass
  • Parallel keys
  • Melodic & harmonic intervals

Just The Facts is a unique, student-friendly music theory workbook series, useful as preparation for the Texas State theory test. These piano theory worksheets are designed to maximize learning and fun which we feel is the best way to learn music theory!

  • Each music theory workbook has twelve 2-page lessons plus extra pages of ‘real’ music analysis.
  • Based on Discovery and Spiral Learning Theories.
  • New concepts are introduced as a FACT then reintroduced as a FACT REMINDER.
  • Every music theory lesson has ear training, analysis activities, and a musical game.
  • Written activities and analysis help students apply concepts to repertoire
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Below are some of the worksheet pages taken from various workbooks to give you an idea of the type of lessons you can expect!