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Just The Facts – BOOK 12 – All Ages

This piano theory workbook builds off the previous books to introduce several new concepts at this level including Sonata-Allegro form, Polyphonic-Monophonic-Homophonic texture, Analysis with figured bass, Deceptive cadence and Scale degree names. All books exactly follow the Texas State theory curriculum.

Just The Facts II – BEGINNER A – 1st Year Students – Ages 5-6

Beginning piano theory book for young students. Large staffs for small hands, fun alphabet activities & introduction to naming keynotes on the staff.

Just The Facts II – BEGINNER B – 1st Year Students – Ages 6-7

Beginning piano theory book for ages 6-7 that includes Note & Rest values (quarters & up), Staff keynotes, Note direction, 4/4 time signature, Steps & skips, Drawing stems & bar lines.

Just The Facts II – BEGINNER C – 1st Year Students – Ages 7 & up

This book follows Beginner B for the young students or it can be an entry-level book for all ages, including adults. Material includes all of above plus intervals of 2nds & 3rds, 3/4 time signature, Sharp-flat-forte-piano signs, Whole & half steps, C & G Major 5-finger patterns & Triads. A GAME in every lesson.


This piano theory workbook follows Beginner C for all ages. New material includes Italian terms, Note & rests values (eighths & up), Major scale pattern, Key Signatures for C, G, & F Major, Intervals of 2nd through 5th, Major & minor triads. Look for the Interval Detective, Inspector Dexter in every book.

Just The Facts II – LEVEL 1

This piano theory workbook features new material including Ledger lines, D Major scale, Primary triads, Note value rule (2 of a kind), Note value rule (3 of a kind), and Roman numerals. Sight-reading, ear training and analysis in every lesson of every book (Preparatory through Level 9).

Just The Facts II – LEVEL 2

This piano theory workbook features new materials including A & E major scales, Italian terms, 3 new key signatures, Repetition, Scale degree names, Authentic/Half/Plagal cadences, ‘a’ natural minor scale, 6/8 time signature, Sequence. The workbooks sequentially introduce fundamental concepts and provide enjoyable games (“War, “Rhythm Towers”, “Tic-Tac Thirds”) to prepare students to think theoretically.

Just The Facts II – LEVEL 3

This piano theory workbook includes musicianship activities to help the students think abstractly. New material includes: Note value order (16ths & up), Natural minor scale pattern, Interval qualities, Relative Major/minor keys, Alla breve time signature, Motive, Triplets. Sight-reading in every lesson.

Just The Facts II – LEVEL 4

This piano theory workbook features new materials including Minor intervals, Secondary triads, Transposition, Diminished triads, Dominant 7th chords, Parallel Major/minor keys, Music history periods, Imitation. Every lesson always contains multiple opportunities to review concepts in new applications.

Just The Facts II – LEVEL 5

Activities (“Sound Alikes”, “Cross Out”, “Triad Towers”) continue to entertain yet challenge students’ reasoning skills. New facts (enharmonic equivalents, chromatic scale, ornaments, 1st inversion of V7, and melody writing) appear frequently throughout. Building upon analytic skills developed in previous books, students continue to probe new concepts in various applications, testing their abstract thinking skills.

Just The Facts II – LEVEL 6

Minor/diminished/augmented intervals, Augmented triads, Minor scale degree names, Deceptive cadence, Double sharp/flat, 3/8 & 3/2 time signatures, Triad qualities in Major scale, Roman numerals in chord progressions, Time line with composers.

Just The Facts II – LEVEL 7

Higher level thinking skills continue to grow as students relate new information to knowledge already acquired. New facts (diminished 7th chord, Major circle of keys, & sonata-allegro form) appear frequently throughout.